Day 1

1 of 49 – NO! The Sky Is NOT Falling


A long time friend of mine and I were hearing out an acquaintance who was clearly struggling.  He was going through a tough time and he was hurting.  My friend who knew him better told him, “Going through really tough times  is like working out.  You take the muscle to it’s breaking point and it responds by getting stronger.”

I don’t know if those words worked for him, but they worked for me.  I struggle a lot as a business owner and I mean a lot.   Sometimes it gets frustrating and I mean really, really frustrating.  “Why are things so hard?” I ask myself. (I’m really whining here.)

If running my own business was really easy, everyone would be doing it.  If it was that easy, the rewards and the upside of being my own boss wouldn’t be so high.  If that were the case, I wouldn’t be working as hard as I do to grow my business like I know I can.

If  I clear my head and look at things clearly and objectively I can see that as tough as the struggles have been, they haven’t broken me. I may have made them out to be unbearable and made them worse by worrying, panicking and not trusting that things will work out right.  If I take the time to reflect, I know they have made me stronger.  They usually teach me valuable lesson and give me an opportunity to prepare me for something that’s coming up next.

Over and over again I’ve seen how things work out.  Many times they work out really well, but while I’m in the middle of the struggles, it’s unbearable. It fills my every waking moment with these mental worst case scenarios and sucks the joy out of me.

Thought for the day:

If I can jump out of “Chicken Little sky is falling mode,” running my life would be so much easier.

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