Day 2

2 of 49 – Leave a Meaningful Legacy


My oldest daughter started a new job.  It was a huge next step career wise.  She’s got a good set of friends and develops great relationships.  She is turning out alright.

This past weekend, she attended a church retreat. A friend of hers went with her.  She told me afterwards that it gave her a chance to reflect on her life, her relationship with God and think about where she is going. I found it encouraging as a parent that she was thinking like that and that she had a friend that thought to attend the retreat with her.

When I look at what has formed me into the person I’ve become, I have to credit my upbringing. I was blessed to have parents and grandparents (I tell my grandma’s story in a moment) that instilled in me with my values. They modeled them in a very real way for me.  For them it wasn’t a theoretical exercise. It was practical and intended to make us better people.

Here’s a simple example. My grandma, Lala (as we called her), was at a store buying something when she discovered the clerk gave her too much change.  My brother, cousin and I saw her count her change and tell the clerk she had given her too much change.  She kept the clerk from shorting herself.  I remember Lala telling us as we drove home how important it is to be honest.  She told us how easy it would have been to keep the change, but that’s NOT the right thing to do.

Both my grandma and the store are long gone, but the lesson she gave me when I was really young is alive and well.

We are all leaving a legacy whether we like it or not. It can be a legacy that makes us proud or one that’s embarrassing and shameful. It’s in my hands.  I will impact on my future and that of the people that know me.  I can be a positive impact…or NOT.

Thought for the day:

What legacy am I leaving for those that know me?

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