Day 37

37 of 49 – Relax and Up Your Productivity


I don’t get as much rest. Six hours of sleep is a typical night for me. Taking time off to have a little fun doesn’t happen that often.

I know that to be as productive as possible and to be at my creative best, I need it. It’s not a luxury. It’s a need.

Just the other day, I started my day at 4am. I had a call with one of my Philippine team members and then reviewed some project work that needed to get done before I started with meetings at 9.

Around 7, I had got to the end of task. I was done with that one thing. I had a choice. I could jump onto the next thing on my list or I could take a walk. (My dog really likes these.)

I get a lot of exercise so I have that covered, but I don’t give myself much “fool around” time. This is time when I can mentally stop if that make sense. It’s time where my mind can wander and not be “on.”

I made the call to take the walk. It was a short 20 minute, but I came back really refreshed. I came home, brewed a cup of coffee and started back up again. That short time out prepared me for the next thing and I was better for it. It helped keep my productivity high.

I drive myself hard. I cram as much into my schedule as possible. Is know time is my most precious resource and work to squeeze everything I can out of every millisecond.

I need to stop this. It need to give myself permission and even require myself to take these breaks. What I realize that when I do, my productivity increases. It’s counter intuitive, but that “time out” makes my “time in” that much better.

Note to self: Take a break

Thought for the day:

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