Day 5

5 of 49 – Are You Better Today Than Yesterday


Did I do better today than I did yesterday? That’s a question I ask myself daily. Am I getting better or worse?

As I reflect daily on the way I treat my loved ones, the way interact with those around me, the way people perceive who I am when they work and play with me, I like to challenge myself. I don’t accept that it’s good enough to be the same person no better and no worse

Now don’t get me wrong. Life is cyclical. There may be times when I am down and others when I am up. That is the natural ebb and flow of life.  But do I hold myself up to standards of daily living that can be compared from one day to the next?

I do want to be the best version of myself that  I can possible be. That means the best person in my relationships, the best as a business owner, the best as a supervisor work with my team,…  

If I’m not performing well today, I want to be fully aware of that. I don’t want to be pretending I’m something I’m not.  The people around me will know and see right through my pretending and what good does that do me or them?

Thought for the day:

Am I challenging myself to be the best me I can possibly be? Do I work at growing my awareness so I can see myself as others see me and take action to change what I don’t like?

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