Day 6

6 of 49 – Relax to Increase Your Productivity


This is not at all obvious.  As a matter of fact, it is completely counter intuitive.  When I disconnect from my work (and that’s no easy task when you own your own business), clear my mind, have a little fun and enjoy time with the people I love, I get more work done.  

WHAT??  That makes no sense, right?  Well it does and it works. I just don’t do enough because of my obsession to work harder.

 What happens is my unconscious creativity creeps in.  My still mind is still at work.  My relaxed mind is not slacking, it’s stays in motion.  It has a chance to rejuvenate itself (and you with it) and problems you couldn’t solve by staring at it intensely get solved.  Go figure.

Thought for the day:

What action can I take to build relaxation of some sort into my hectic business owner life??

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