Infusionsoft Campaigns

Infusionsoft Campaigns

Infusionsoft Tagging Standard

Before we cover the campaigns we install to control access and to support the opt-in or purchases of any courses, we want to cover these.  DO NOT SKIP!

Give and Remove Access – Part 1

Warning:  This is a longer video.  Here we go over the campaign we use to give members access in detail.  Great stuff!

Give and Remove Access – Part 2

This is a trace of the process an admin can follow to give members free access.  It walks you through the give and remove access campaign.

What Messages Do I Send

Let’s walk through member expectations when they purchase a course.  The let’s go over how we will use our two campaigns to deliver them.

Purchase Products Campaign

The whole reason for doing this is to sell your course, right?  Here is the campaign that responds to opt-ins and purchases of your courses.

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