Course Overview

Course Overview

This course covers Memberium / LearnDash membership site building.  We do that two ways.  First we installed “The Perfect Starter Kit” membership site with all our best practices into your website hosting environment.  Then we give you  video lessons explaining how we built it.  So you have:

  • a  working site you can explore,
  • some videos explaining how we built it and
  • video lessons explaining additional features we use a lot when building membership sites for our clients.

“The Perfect Starter Kit”  is a 100% working Memberium / LearnDash membership site along with the Infusionsoft campaigns, tags and e-commerce features that go along with it.  It’s what our implementation team uses as a starting point when building client sites.  It has our best practices built into it so you can see how we do it.  Please go right ahead and use it in your project(s).

If you’re using this program for learning, I recommend cloning it.  Keep our site around as an example you can refer back to in the future.

The video lessons we provide you with the  following:

  1. A set of video lesson explaining exactly how we built “The Perfect Starter Kit” Memberium.  We want you to understand all aspects of it.
  2. A set of videos lessons explaining the Infusionsoft campaigns that control the giving and removing of member access and the campaign we use to enable members to opt-in or purchasing the program to get access. 
  3. A set of video lessons covering valuable enhancements commonly requested by our customers.  We cover a number of tactics you can use to deliver those features.
  4. A set of videos covering how to configure LearnDash so it makes the best use of Memberium and Infusionsoft to delivering course content.
  5. We then includes additional videos covering topics like Umbrella accounts and the Social Learner for LearnDash.  

I want a tour of Larry Jacob’s membership site collection

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