Organizing Your Membership Site Content to Best Serve Your Audience

Organize Your Membership Content So It Captivates Your Audience

You have all these great ideas. You know there’s value in them. When you present the material you get a lot of great feedback. (If you haven’t presented it, think about your content as if you had.)

Is you audience’s response something like this?

  • People listen leaning forward in their seats.
  • They take notes feverishly not wanting to miss anything.
  • They stand up to take pics of your slides.
  • Many come up after you present and ask for more information.

Let’s go with the assumption that you have an idea that resonates strongly with an audience. It’s in demand.

So how do you make this great material available on line? I recommend starting off simple. It could be that long term you keep it simple as well. The KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid wins out over complicated every time.

There are two models we’ve seen work best for the membership sites we build. The two models are Resource Library and Course. Let’s start with an explanation of a Resource Library first. Then we’ll go over Course. It could be you what you need is combination of both of these.

Model 1: Resource Library

A resource library is a collection of content where there isn’t really an order to it. Members search through your content for something they need.

Think of a physical trainer’s library of workouts. They make it available to their clients and allow them to pick and choose the work outs they want. The physical trainer could also send them a weekly email telling them which set of workouts they should do next week.

The workouts could be organized by parts of the body. One section is dedicated to Upper Body. Another is dedicated to Core. Another focuses on Legs. Members can the find the workout they want following instructions sent to them by their instructor. They could also find workouts based on the part of the body they want to exercise.

In Resource Library sites, search is important. People might want to search for “quadriceps” to get a list of all the workouts that contain that word. Organizing your content so they are logically grouped is important. People may want to look for “Upper Body” then view all the “Bicep” exercises. You may want to group all the weight lifting workouts in one section and all the aerobic workouts separately. You may want to consider applying content topic tags to every workout so members can search by topic.

Take a look at the video below for examples of sites organized as Resource Libraries.

I want a tour of Larry Jacob’s membership site collection

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