The Foundation

The Foundation

What The User Sees

Let’s review “The Perfect Starter” kit site installed in your environment.  Let’s review the members experience and the features it provides them.

How We Built It the Login Page

The login page may seem like a simple thing, but it does a lot of make the members experience as positive as possible.

How We Built the Dashboard

A well built dashboard is key to making your membership site work well for members.   Let’s take a look at how we built it.

How We Built the Course Pages

Your content’s got to go somewhere and its either LearnDash course, lesson and topic pages or simple WordPress pages.  Let’s explain how we do it.

How We Built the Menus

You want to have your menus items appear and disappear based on login status and membershipl access of your members.  Let’s see how this is done.

There’s No Magic Here

There is no magic.  Memberium is very exact. If you understand how it works, you can better understand how to use it in your membership sites.

I want a tour of Larry Jacob’s membership site collection

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