Valuable Enhancements

Valuable Enhancements

Your My Account Page

A My Accounts page allows people to update their profile and change their password.   Let’s also go over how to update credit cards for subscriptions. 

 Adding a Survey on First Login

There are times when you want to require members to answer some simple questions before their first login.  This shows you exactly how to that.

Tracing Member Activity – Part 1

This begins a how-to showing how we keep track of user logins, logout and which pages of the site a members visits.

Tracing Member Activity – Part 2

This continuation of part 2 covers the Infusionsoft campaign, reports and Memberium shortcodes used to implement the member activity tracing.

David Molnar Dashboard Part 1

Whole Being Institute groups interelated courses courses together.  This explains the dashboard design so upsells are related to what’s been sold.

David Molnar Dashboard Part 2

David Molnar’s photography site sells photography presets using credits.  This explains how the dashboard and credits interact.

I want a tour of Larry Jacob’s membership site collection

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